Install Guide

Anaconda install

The easiest way to install ProxImaL and its dependencies is using Anaconda. To install ProxImaL without Anaconda, see the section on installation from source.

  1. Install Anaconda. Install all Python dependencies by running

    conda install numpy scipy pil pip opencv
  2. (Optional) Install Halide and define the HALIDE_PATH environment variable to point to the installation. Also, add the Halide binary to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Linux or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for Mac OS X.

  3. Install proximal with pip from the command-line.

    pip install proximal
  4. (Optional) Test the installation with nose. The tests require that you have CVXPY installed.

conda install nose
nosetests proximal

Install from source

ProxImaL has the following dependencies:

Halide installation is optional, but necessary for the best performance. To test the ProxImaL installation, you additionally need Nose and CVXPY.

Once you’ve installed the dependencies, installing ProxImaL from source is simple:

  1. Clone the ProxImaL git repository.

  2. Navigate to the top-level of the cloned directory and run

    python install